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Medical Foods

Seasonal Health Focus Specials

Each season NHS will feature a seasonal health focus with a complimentary medical food program designed to help you take part in a preventative approach to healthy aging.

Look for our quarterly newsletter  that comes on a seasonal basis and will contain some health information about each seasonal topic and details about these specially-priced, self directed medical food programs.

Natural HealthStyle provides a 10% discount on all products year-round. During seasonal sales, specific products are offered with an additional 5% discount that will be applied in the cart, during checkout.

In addition, Natural HealthStyle has two 15% off sales per year that include all supplements (in May and October).

What is the difference between a seasonal sale and a bi-annual sale?

The bi-annual sale, held in May and October, is a store-wide sale of 15% off.

During the seasonal specials, only the seasonal program listed will be discounted (see below list).

  • Summer: Blood Sugar Control, Ultra Glucose Control Program
  • Fall: GI restoration, Ultra GI Replenish Program
  • Winter: Detoxification and Cleanse: The Renew Cleanse
  • Spring: Anti-aging: SpectraCell Telemere Special and complementary review with Patricia

Seasonal Focus

Seasonal Focus

Seasonal Focus

Seasonal Focus

ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (New)

ReNew Cleanse (Winter Special December-February)

What is ReNew Cleanse?

ReNew Cleanse is a 14-Day Detoxification Cleanse to help your body release stored fat and toxins by eliminating problem foods and allowing you to conquer your food cravings.

How Does ReNew Cleanse Work?

This 14-Day Cleanse helps improve your digestion abilities and aids in helping body absorb nutrients better. Throughout your 14-day Cleanse, you will be given specific detoxification products to support your organs with the process of eliminating toxins.

Helping you to feel younger, stronger and lighter!

Two Formulas

The Renew Cleanse is available in two formulas, depending on your preference for Vegan or Paleo protein, the programs are an excellent value which provide everything you will need, consolidated into packets, to make the program easy-to-follow and to ensure that you  obtain the noticeable results you desire. Both are Free of dairy, gluten, and lactose; sweetened with the natural herb stevia.

ReNew Cleanse – 14 Day Cleanse Presentation

Download Program Guide »

VegeCleanse Plus – 14 Day Cleanse Guidebook

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Pure Paleo Cleanse Plus – 14 Day Cleanse Guidebook

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ReNew Cleanse – Recipes


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Use Discount Code Cleanse15

Anti-Aging Telomere Testing (Spring Special March-May)

“For the first time, we have the ability to measure human biological age accurately, follow the progression and actually intervene with various treatments that may slow the aging process in humans.”
Mark Houston, MD, MS, FACP, FAHA
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
The Telomere profile is a $200 test but for the Months of April, May and June NHS will offer special discounted pricing, a $50.00 savings on the SpectraCell Telomere Test.
How Do I Take Advantage of this Special Pricing?
You simply email us at coordinator@naturalhealthstyle.com and let us know you are interested. We will have the lab send you the test kit and test request form, which you will take to an Open Medicine location to have drawn and sent on to the lab for analysis. The credit card we have on file, will be charged the discounted test price of $150.00 which includes Patricia’s review and recommendations. Your results will be available in approximately 3 weeks’ time.
What Do I Do with the Results?
When paired with the following tests, we will review which Nutrients, Hormones, and Lifestyle Changes needed to help lengthen your Telomeres.
❖ Micronutrient Testing
❖ Hormone Testing
❖ Genetic Testing
❖ CardioMetabolic Testing
Knowing the rate of telomere loss allows a patient and Patricia to work together to make adjustments in nutrition and other lifestyle modifications known to influence telomere length.

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Ultra Glucose Control Program (Summer Special June-August)

The Ultra Glucose Control Program with Ultra Glucose Control Shakes and Ultra Flora Control Probiotics
Keep your blood sugar levels steady and your  hormones balanced

  • Shed some body fat
  • Resolve inflammation
  • Optimize your metabolism

Ultra Flora Control and Ultra Glucose Control Shakes, alone or in combination, are an ideal nutritional support protocol for blood sugar and weight management. 

Ultra Glucose Control Shake

Ultra Glucose Control is a medical food (delicious chocolate or vanilla meal replacement) formulated for the nutritional management of Glucose response. It’s ratio and balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats help to manage glucose response. Consume this delicious shake as a breakfast meal replacement and afternoon snack to make a commitment to curb hunger and sustain energy!

Consider Metagenics’s Ultra Glucose Control Shake twice daily for a 4 to 8 to 12 week course depending on your fasting glucose, insulin and weight management goals. Metagenic’s Ultra Glucose Control can offer you an effective nutritional tool to help you control your weight.

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Instructions for Use

Ultra Glucose Control Shake- 2 shakes per day. Typically for breakfast and an afternoon snack.

UltraFlora Control- 1 capsule per day

UltraFlora® Control Probiotic


When diet and exercise are not enough you may need a little extra help to break through weight loss resistance by combining the Ultra Glucose Control shakes with the revolutionary GI microbiome science.

UltraFlora Control features a patented probiotic strain which has been shown to help control body fat, body weight, reduce waist circumference and control abdominal fat.

In a 6 month clinical study, those taking Bifidobacterium Lactis B420, the highly researched strain in Ultra Flora Control, ate 300 calories less per day vs. placebo. For those struggling to lose or maintain weight, Ultra Flora Control can offer you an effective nutritional tool to help you control your weight.

GI Replenish Program (Fall Special September-November)

Natural HealthStyle GI Replenish Program is a medical food program which includes a six week, easy to follow program of two shakes daily includes a unique combination of macro and micronutrients plus key pre and probiotics to complement a carefully composed dietary plan providing a lifestyle medicine approach to help you manage your digestive symptoms.

Plus, the once a day use of the targeted probiotic Ultra Flora Control. Ultra Flora Control contains Bifidobacterium Lactis B- 420 which, in addition to optimizing body composition, has been demonstrated in clinical studies to reduce the inflammatory biomarker hs-CRP and GI permeability biomarker Zonulin.

UltraGI Replenish® Medical Food Program

UltraGI Replenish is a medical food formulated to provide specialized macro and micronutrient support for patients with compromised gut function with digestive disorders including malabsorption.

Consider the GI Restoration Program, a 4-6 week GI reset to cultivate a healthy diverse microbiome and prevent leaky gut which can allow toxins into your bloodstream creating inflammation.

Focusing on the health of your gut and microbiome benefits your brain and nervous system as well. Beneficial bacteria produce energy boosting B vitamins, regulate amino acid production of neurotransmitters to improve memory, mood, the quality of your sleep to help you feel your very best.

Take the GI Quiz to see if the GI Replenish is right for you »

For Best Results

Complete the 6 week program of GI Replenish- Purchase 3 30 serving bags of GI Replenish-  Then take 2 shakes per day. Typically for breakfast and an afternoon snack.

UltraFlora Integrity- 1 capsule per day

Download the UltraGI-Replenish Program Guide>>

UltraFlora® Integrity Probiotic

UltraFlora® Integrity features 100 million CFU of patented probiotic strain Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118, which preclinical studies suggest may influence tight junctions between intestinal cells and may beneficially influence immune cell signaling processes.* Backed by the Metagenics ID Guarantee for purity, clinical reliability, and predicted safety via scientific identification of strains with established health benefits. Daily consumption of L. salivarius UCC118 was effective in relieving GI symptoms consistent with SIBO, as well as negating or delaying the need for antibiotic therapy in patients being followed in an outpatient gut rehabilitation and transplant service.

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