New Patients Start Here

Optima Prime

The Optima Prime Partnership is an entry-level program designed to provide:

  • A comprehensive integrative medicine evaluation
  • Functional medicine testing and recommendations
  • Personalized lifestyle coaching
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Partnerships After Completing Optima Prime


The Optima Partnership is a renewed commitment to lifestyle medicine and optimized self-care. This plan includes 4 consultations a year designed to help you stay on track as you make sustainable lifestyle changes essential to cardiometabolic health, hormone/nervous system balance, gastrointestinal health and optimal micronutrient status.


The Wellness Partnership is a preventative health maintenance plan. This plan includes 2 consultations a year to help you sustain a functional approach to your health. It also includes lifestyle coaching, personalized hormone and prescriptive management, and customized nutritional supplementation.

Focused Programs

Hormone Replenishment

The Hormone Replenishment Program is a bioidentical hormone management program to support adrenal, female, and thyroid hormone balance.

Zest Nutrition

The Zest Nutrition Program is a customized nutritional supplementation plan based on your personal health, family history, genetic profile, and results of a state of the art intracellular micronutrient analysis.

*** Testing costs are the responsibility of the patient, due at the time of testing, often billable to insurance. We will provide you with a super bill with each consultation that you may send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. ***