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Sun Genomics is a first-of-its-kind, customized probiotics startup that’s mission is to improve overall health through personalized science. The company’s first consumer product, Floré, allows consumers to analyze their microbiome and take precision probiotics allowing them to experience positive changes in their microbiome. By using DNA sequencing, Floré formulates the right probiotics for overall health and delivers it directly to the customer’s door.

Ordering Instructions:

(1) To begin your order with SunGenomics Flore Gut Test + Precision Probiotics test now please follow the instructions below to get started. Once completed you and I will meet for a consultation to review your results.

  • Go to SunGenomics Now! 
  • Click on “Products” on the top bar
  • Select the Flore Gut test and Precision Probiotics
  • At checkout enter the NHS discount code: PB25 in order to benefit from the most cost-effective pricing on testing and formulations.
  • Create an account with a password with Sun Genomics when purchasing

(2) Immediately after making your purchase please cancel the subscription in order to maintain control of the retesting schedule, customized reformulation, and optimize the discount on both testing and customized probiotic.

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