“I had been trying to convince myself that the extra weight I had put on in a few years’ time was the result of age and that there was really nothing I could do about it. I had tried to lose 10-15 lbs. a few different times on my own, but was unsuccessful. I always felt hungry, so I naturally started to rationalize about it – ‘I’m over 60, I’m exercising less vigorously, it doesn’t matter that I’m now a full size larger than I was 3 years ago…’, etc!

When a close friend told me of her ongoing success with a medically supervised program that taught her not how to diet, but rather how to eat and feel better for the rest of her life, I was curious – a bit skeptical, but very interested.

Natural HealthStyle’s program is an education, a whole new way of thinking about food and how your body reacts to it. I had been eating precisely the wrong combination of foods and all the while I thought I was eating in a healthy way. What I quickly learned was that ll the foods I was snacking on, filling my plate with, etc. were foods that increase insulin production and were actually keeping me feeling unsatisfied and hungry. Now I simply avoid them. When you have the “right” foods in your home, make better choices when you dine out, and have the incredible support of the knowledgeable, caring staff at the Baldwin’s medical practice, you cannot help but succeed.

Now that I’ve reached the goal I had set for myself and am learning how to defend and maintain the weight loss I feel healthier, stronger and totally motivated to stick with it!” – K.R.