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  1. Please CLICK  on the "Order Now > " button below to register for your FREE Arterosil Patient Account

  2. You can watch a short informative video on the benefits of Arterosil as well if you scroll down the main page. 

  3. To create your free patient account- Select "Create Patient Account"

  4. Enter the Practitioner Code: Naturalhealthstyle

  5. Enter the requested information and set up your username and password (please make note of these as I do not have access to this information if you misplace it)

  6. Once you have successfully registered for an account you will click on the ORDER button in the top right hand corner to place your Arterosil Supplement Order

  7. You can choose to order 1 bottle at a time or purchase a bulk order for a discounted price.

Customer Service: 1-800-609-6409

Patient Education and Resources

Arterosil Product Information
Vascular Health Tracker
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