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Our Partnerships

The difference between managing symptoms and reversing disease

What makes Natural HealthStyle Different?

Natural HealthStyle is a personalized quest for genuine health and well-being. It is the synthesis of my conventional and functional medicine training and belief in preventative, proactive, personalized, and participatory medicine. 

It's approach is directed at compiling comprehensive information about your lifestyle practice, family and medical history, genetics, and individual health goals. 

Though it was with a heavy heart after decades of hands-on gynecology practice, I am tremendously rewarded by the highly personalized journey I undertake with each patient in a consultative virtual practice. 

It is a partnership of efforts, education, and accountability which includes a highly personalized approach to preventative self-care and vital healthy aging. 

Some of the features we offer to support your health goals include:

  • Individualized Strategies addressing your specific healthcare needs

  • Easy access to virtual video visits from the comfort of your own home

  • Personalized wellness education

  • Personalized plans based on your DNA

  • Comprehensive, Integrative healthcare services

  • Cutting-edge Scientific laboratory testing

  • Experienced and conscientious mobile phlebotomist for all blood draws that will come to you

  • Online patient portal that allows you to communicate with us securely and store all of your consultation notes and lab results for easy and secure access.

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Doctor's Desk

New Patients

I offer all of my new patients a new patient consultation. My goal during this time together is for us to become acquainted, and identify your personal health concerns. Should the initial consultation prove to be a good fit for you and your health needs and goals you will have the opportunity to enroll in the Optima Prime membership, our entry-level functional medicine partnership where we will work together over the next year. If you have previously had a functional medicine workup we will integrate your evaluation and discuss if the Wellness Partnership is in your best interest.


The Optima Prime Partnership is an entry-level program that allows me to integrate your family and personal medical history to develop a custom specialized testing schedule aimed at addressing the underlying root cause of your health concerns and incorporate your actionable genetic findings to personalize your efforts. The Optima Prime Partnership is a renewed commitment to lifestyle medicine and optimized self-care. This plan includes 4 consultations a year designed to help you stay on track as you make sustainable lifestyle changes essential to cardiometabolic health, hormone/nervous system balance, gastrointestinal health and optimal micronutrient status.



  • A Comprehensive integrative medicine evaluation

  • Functional medicine testing and recommendations

  • Personalized lifestyle coaching

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Partnerships After Completing the Optima Prime

NHS partnerships are best suited to those who are ready for change and excited about making an investment in themselves, their lifestyle and motivated to learn to become their own best health advocate.

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The Wellness Partnership is a preventative health maintenance plan, designed to involve you in your own best self-care to promote optimal function, healthy aging, and vitality. 


The Partnership includes 3 video or phone consultations a year to:

  • Review specialized functional medicine test results and highly personalized recommendations

  • Incorporate your family and medical history, unique genetics, and health goals

  • Provides lifestyle coaching to monitor your progress, and help you stay on track.

  • Offers personalized hormone and prescriptive management

Healthy Food


The Yearly Wellness Partnership is a professionally guided self-care program utilizing your medical history, personal health goals, and lab biomarkers. Results facilitate personalized recommendations to support lifestyle adaptations, adopt individualized healthstyle practices, optimize cardiovascular prevention and hormone balance and promote healthy vital aging.


The Partnership includes 1 video or phone consultations a year to:

  • Review specialized functional medicine test results and personalized recommendations

  • In home blood draw

  • Prescription Management

  • Additional testing available throughout the year for an additional fee

*** Testing costs are the responsibility of the patient, due at the time of testing, often billable to insurance. We will provide you with a superbill to send to your insurance ( Medicare not allowed) should you make this request at the time of each scheduled consultation.***

If time or resources make it difficult to commit to a partnership at this time NHS now offers 

NHS DIFY (1).png

This self directed nutrition and lifestyle plans empower you to make a commitment to healthy vital aging. They are aimed at promoting the fundamental understanding that our body is an interconnected system and that all of our daily inputs (diet, exercise, joy, etc.) influence our health status and empowers us to be our own best healthcare provider. 


Natural HealthStyle has developed different programs to choose from to fit your individual health goals.

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