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First Time Orders:

To begin your order with SunGenomics Flore Gut Test + Precision Probiotics test now please follow the instructions below to get started. Once completed you and I will meet for a consultation to review your results.

  • Click on the "Order Now >" button below

  • Click on “Products” on the top bar

  • Select the Flore Adults | Custom Probiotics

  • At checkout enter the NHS discount code: PB25 in order to benefit from the most cost-effective pricing on testing and formulations.

  • Create an account with a password when purchasing.

Returning Orders:

If you have previously ordered SunGenomics and have created an account, please log back into your account by clicking the "Order Now >" button below. If you have not already, you will want to sign up for the $99 per month subscription. 

Customer Service: (661) 888- 4799

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