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A  truly customized Pre and probiotic supplement.

What is Flore' ?

Instead of recommending multiple probiotics supplements SunGenomics uses a method  of analysis using whole genetic  sequencing of the organisms contained in your stool sample and employs Nebula Genomics to keep personal health information private. By sequencing the organisms contained in your submitted stool samples, the company identifies the customer’s unique gut microbiome and provides personalized recommendations and prepares your personalize formula known as Flore.

This personalized probiotic formula based on your unique Gut DNA is taken from a simple in-home microflora test. The Sun Genomics Gut Test  analyzes the trillions of microbes in your gut microflora, and crafts your personalized Flore formula for your unique gut health needs. This formula is designed so you only have to take one-pill-a-day and it is cold shipped  directly to your door.

Your Microflora is Unique.
Your Probiotics Should Be Too.

How it works...
  • Day 1: SunGenomics will ship you Floré Gut Health Test as soon as you subscribe.

  • Day 5-10: You collect and return stool sample to thier lab. They only require that you are not on antibiotics, or have consumed alcohol before taking the sample. Otherwise, the sooner you send them your sample the sooner they get on preparing your custom formula!

  • Day 11-30: Your sample goes through extraction, library prep and DNA sequencing. SunGenomics scientists analyze your gut microflora and formulation scientist lab-crafts your personalized probiotics. Each formula is carefully crafted from thier inventory of over 80+ clinically validated probiotic and prebiotic strains to support your specific health needs.

  • Your personalized probiotics reach your door in a cold pack and ready for you to start your gut health journey, one pill a day! Every month thereafter, you receive your batch of next 30 pills so that you never run out.

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