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"A Healthy outside, starts from the inside"

-Robert Urich-

Reminder to my Valued Clients

When ordering your supplements; if the supplement vendor does not have their own individual page link listed below, you will find them on the Fullscript Dispensary site. Please click on Fullscript below and search for the product and locate the correct vendor. 

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Designs for Health

Designs for Health believes in science-based nutrition and natural medicine, developing health products without compromise, and advancing the way education and technology support wellness for all.

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Sun Genomics

Floré is the only custom probiotic with the secret ingredient. That secret ingredient is your gut microflora. They create custom gut probiotics tailored and formulated to your unique microflora to improve your digestion, increase your energy, and reduce bloating; helping you perform at your best.

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Your health simplified. 


Learn exactly what your body needs, from foods and supplements to biotics, too. Powered by AI. Driven by Science. Designed around your biology.

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Designed to partner with you to adopt a professionally guided self-care approach to make sustainable lifestyle changes, optimize your cardiometabolic/ hormone balance and support healthy aging.

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Microbiome Labs is a company focused on
improving health outcomes through the modulation
of the gut microbiome.

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Biocidin not only provides a broad spectrum approach to a natural antimicrobial therapies and address overall gut health , biofilm cleansing, immunomodulation, and detoxification but at the same time foster healthy conditions for the human GI microbiome to thrive and support balance in multiple systems of the body.

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Better supplements shipped right to your door. Get access to high quality supplements at fair prices, backed by features that help you stay on track with your wellness goals. 

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Atrantil is the only natural and safe solution proven to get rid of abdominal bloating and discomfort. Atrantil’s patented combination of natural polyphenols gets rid of your bloating and supports your digestive health.

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Wellevate has now now integrated with FullScript. You can find all of your Wellevate products on the Fullscript Site. 

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